Difference Between Narcolepsy and Catalepsy

Narcolepsy Vs Catalepsy

Sleeping is good for health and it gives you the relaxation after or before work. But, everything weather it is good or not is enough up to some extent. It is general saying that, sleeping is half death therefore sleeping is affordable when you are free, when you have nothing to do, when you are not doing anything and you are at such place that is like home for you. Finally, sleep suits you when you are in your own room on your own bed with own wife: P When you sleep and all above conditions are unavailable, mean to say you are not at home, not on your bed, not alone, you are in the public like in the office and fall asleep unintentionally, it is called sleep disorder. This is a sort of disease that is still incurable… There is a Difference Between Narcolepsy and Catalepsy

 Difference Between Narcolepsy and Catalepsy

All the doctors prescribe alternatives; no specific and successful medicine is launched yet. The name of this disease in medical terms is Narcolepsy and it is a sleep disorder that causes too much sleepiness. Sleep can attack you during the work suddenly, if you are interviewing someone for a post you may sleep while listening to him/her. And the most dangerous situation is that you sleep while driving. Narcolepsy can ruin your career path.
Catalepsy is one of the symptoms of Narcolepsy and all these attacks that are mentioned above are under the head of Catalepsy. All these sleep attacks happen in the daytime in your busy life and this is called Cataplexy. Cataplexy refers to the sudden loss of muscle tone while awake and it freezes your body movement and the one and only cure to this situation is strong emotions. You have to be a kinda surprised or motivated to avoid sleep attacks in daytime.  Other symptoms of Narcolepsy are Sleep Paralysis, Hallucinations. There are three main reasons of Narcolepsy, Central Nervous System disorder, autoimmune disorder and deficiency of a protein called Hypo-cretin that is produced in the brain. Why a brain cannot produce enough Hypo-cretin is an unknown fact to the doctors yet. Beef is good food for getting Hypo-cretin. An autoimmune disease or reaction is one in which your antibodies attack normal substances that are present in your body, rather than attacking harmful bacteria. In other words, when healthy tissues are being attacked by the immune system. Doctors typically prescribe stimulants to improve alertness and diminish excessive daytime sleepiness. Sodium oxybate is the final cure for Narcolepsy. It keeps you alert and lessens daytime sleep attacks. A pharmaceutical company named by Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ is producing a medicine called XYREM to cure Narcolepsy. It is made of sodium oxybate. But it has many side effects besides. You can go to xyrem.com to read Boxed Warning.

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