Grammatical Difference Between the Mountain and Hill

Hill and Mountain

I’m gonna try to make you clear about the difference between the hill and the mountain but believe me, instead of reading the difference here you should go for climbing the both hill and mountain and of course practical is always the best way to learn. I’m damn sure that by doing so you will never forget the difference in your whole life. lol

Grammatical Difference Between Mountain and Hill

Hey, listen, don’t go now and read this before then think about the climbing. Well… l I discussed about the climbing because height is a major Grammatical Difference Between the Mountain and Hill. The mountain is such a big one than hill and don’t you feel about the word mountain, it seems a bigger word than a hill. Let me tell you another stupid difference; just count the alphabets of the word mountain and then a hill. Mountain contains eight and hill contains four alphabets so which one is bigger? Of course mountain’s height is more than a hill. A hill is raised portion of the land and it is not that is used in hiking profession to climb. A hill is an area of land that is higher than the land that surrounds it, but not as high as a mountain. Mountain‘s authorized height starts from 2001 ft, and goes on while the height of a hill ends at 2000 ft. So if you commit suicide by jumping from a hill you may survive but don’t try it with mountain, you know further… 😛 more likely, a hill is less steep than a mountain. A mountain is a very high area of land with steep sides but however, some hills can be called mountains and vice versa. Sometimes it looks weird when we find the mountains that are lower than hills, like Storm King Mountain with 1340 ft. Summit and Butter Hill with 1380 ft. so people are living with controversies and you also start living with them but remember that, however, hill is Mistake and mountain is Blunder and normal people makes mistakes and only hikers make blunders.

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