Difference Between Mormons And Christians

Christians Vs Mormons

There are more than one religion people are associated with in the world and all they have their Gods and concepts. The physical availability of God is different in every religion but all the religions do have the God or Gods. The deeds are considered by the intentions, Prohibition of bad deeds and order for good deeds are also such concepts every religion is based on. But goodness and badness of deeds are different up-to some extent in all the religions. But if we talk about Christians and Mormons, their religion is kinda same but beliefs are the differences…. In this regard, there is a Difference Between Christians and Mormons.

 Difference Between Mormons And Christians

Basically they both are Christians but the difference starts from the concept of God and Holy books. According to Christians, God is the name of believing, otherwise he has no any physical existence or body. God cannot be touched and seen by any. No physical existence but God does have the existence everywhere in the world and he knows what we do even what we are gonna do. He knows what we think and what are our secrets. There is a day when God will ask for everything what they had done while alive. Christians believe in One God only. A Christian is a person who believes in Jesus Christ and follows his teachings. On the other hand, A Mormon is a person who belongs to the religious group called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormons believe in three Gods. Holy Bible is not the only book Mormons believe in, they also believe in the Book of Mormons, Pearl of Great Price and Covenants and  Doctrines. Like Christians, Mormons don’t believe in salvation. Mormons believe in the physical existence or body of God who is a heavenly father specifically. So they know that they can touch and see their Gods. Unlike Christians,  Their three Gods are The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. As per the concept of bad and good deeds, going against the God or dishonoring the God is the only sin near Christians. Christians say that everyone who is disloyal to God is the Sinner. On the other hand, Mormons believe in gentle and smooth life, the life where the concept of alcohol, Wines, and all the things through the use of which a person can lose his/her intentions is not available. Christians and Mormons both believe in the celebration of religious event called EASTER.

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