Difference Between LCD and LED


There are two substances in the sky that provide light to the whole world. One of two enlightens the day and 2nd makes the dark night shiny. I know, you have understood that I’m talking about the sun and moon. Do you know the difference between the sun and moon while both provide the light, but we all know that the sun is the main source of light. It produces light by own. On the other hand moon has no its own light…

 Difference Between LCD and LED

It uses the light of the sun that makes it bright in the night. But it is astonishing thing that people still pronounce the moon in their examples like parents when they resemble their children to the moon in a white beauty sense.

Difference between LCD and LED is also related to the sun and moon. Both are the flat-panel screens, both produce High Quality images having the same purpose for the people. The only minor difference makes them different to each other, you cannot say like this, ‘I can watch on LED even that transmission which is banned by the government’. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and the LED is for Light Emitting Diodes. Just like the sun and moon the story is related to the production of light. LCD technology is based on two layers of glass and one of those layers possesses the liquid crystals. These liquid crystals are the guardians of light that they let the light pass and can block it and this process makes the picture on the screen with the help of electric current. Like the moon, crystals don’t produce their own light but another substance called fluorescent lamps at the back of the screen produce the light. The LED is also flat-screen that uses liquid crystal display technology. LED produces own light through light emitting diodes. LED technology moves around the two types of back lighting; Edge lighting and Full-array lighting. Outside edges of the screen contain a series of diodes. Many rows of diodes provide more control over brightness dimming. LED is just the next form of LCD and it can lessen your electricity bill because light emitting diodes consume less electricity than fluorescent lamps and LED provides the best combination of colors than LCD and with this best saturation of colors you see more crystal display on LED.

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