What is Difference Between Laptop and Notebook

Laptop Vs Notebook

We all know that spending on technology causes obesity but we are still spending. 1st of all, a full system with monitor was introduced then laptops, and now notebooks are in the market. This is all about comfort-ability and ease in the life. The main feature in the laptop was its battery that you can turn it on where electricity is not available or you can carry it to the places where electricity is hard to be found. Laptops were in different sizes but all sizes were big, mean to say intact focus was on battery. The purpose of selecting the name of the laptop was using it while putting on Lap so it is called laptop but the problem was that you still couldn’t use it by putting it on lap.

 Imperative Difference Between Laptop and Notebook

You can use a laptop while putting it on lap for 5 minutes maximum. It was due to its big size and heavy weight. The third reason was its heat laptop produces when it is turned on and this heat is also very dangerous to health. In the countries where the temperature is always above 30 you will feel like your lap is burning after 5 minutes of using the laptop on the lap. In short laptop was opposite to its name. So technology thought beyond the battery and gave the priority to the easiness and comfort and speed. It introduced the next generation of the laptop called notebooks. Its specific name is notebook but it proved the real function of laptop right. The function that relates to the name of the laptop, you couldn’t use the laptop while putting on your lap but now you can really use a notebook putting on your lap. The heat and the weight are very less than a common laptop’s heat and weight. Notebooks are always in small sizes and with less weight. If you still think about the battery as the main purpose of the laptop then you are not disappointed as the battery timing of the notebooks includes many hours than a common laptop battery. A common laptop will provide you maximum 3 hours of battery but it is 6 hours in notebooks. You can use the notebook for the whole day in your office without the tension of direct electricity. Notebooks got the more processing speed than laptops. The notebook is the need of the day when we have no time to waste and it is also best and excellent combination of portability and power. You would love to have the notebook when you are bored by the large size and short timing of battery of the laptop. You would like to have notebook when you want to watch a video while lying down on your bed and putting it on your belly.

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