Imperative Difference Between Islam and Muslim

Islam Vs Muslim

The religion is something people strictly believe in and always want others to accept it as it is, otherwise they don’t want anybody to talk about it at least.  No doubt, many people are in this world who has no any religion or they don’t believe in any religion, but people who believe are very serious about it. People who believe in religions, according to them, There are four books that are not written according to the someone’s instructions in this world. Those are written according to the instructions of a God or Lord who has no physical existence in the world…

 Imperative Difference Between Islam and Muslim

Every religion is connected to one of these books. The names of these books are..

1 – Old statement

2 – Psalms

3 – Bible

4 – Al-Quran

All these books are religious books and ‘Al-Quran’ relates to our topic that is Imperative Difference Between Islam and Muslim. No doubt, according to the every book there is one entity who is ruling this entire world and noticing the good and bad deeds of the people. People with different religions call that entity with different names but with same concept. According to the religion Islam, ‘ALLAH’ is the name of that entity. Islam says that, Allah has 99 names but the most special and important name is ‘Allah’ European people name the same entity as ‘God’. Islam is the religion that follows one of those books, it is ‘Al-Quran’. Actually all these books are associated with a special human sent by Allah or God in this world who taught the teaching of these books to others. Al-Quran is associated with the most respected personality in this world ‘Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)’ . He taught the teaching of the Al-Quran to the world and Islam is the religion that is all about Al-Quran and Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). You may think what these abbreviations in brackets (PBUH) are, actually these words are all about the respect of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). The religion, Islam says that whenever you name this personality in oral or written form you must associate these abbreviations with it. PBUH stands for Peace Be Upon Him. Islam says that there is only One entity that is Allah people should worship. Islam is an Arabic word and the etymology of Islam is to submit, accept or surrender. According to the Allah, you should be honest and ethical every time, not any fake commitment or promise with others, no money by unethical means, women are to be respected; in short every good deed is in it. Islam says, a day will come named by the Dooms Day or the Day Of Judgment when all the people who are in Islam will have to submit their deeds, whatever it is, good or bad and the result will be accordingly. Heaven is for the people who keep teaching of Allah or Islam in mind and Hell for those who denied.

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So it was all about Islam not come to the Muslim concept. It is very easy to understand, Islam is a religion and every one who accept this religion by a specific method is Muslim. There are some special words everyone has to say by heart and voice as well to get into Islam. People who are in Islam or have accepted this religion all will be called Muslims. It is just like some who live in Canada and will be pronounced Canadian and someone who lives in America will be pronounced like the American. As I mentioned above Islam means to submit, accept or surrender so everyone who is engaged in the act of submission, acceptance or surrender will be called Muslim. Wise people say, every religion is respectable whether you are in it or not.

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