Difference Between Idiot and Stupid

Idiot vs Stupid

Our Government is idiot and we are the stupid’s who selected that government We are gonna write the difference between an idiot and stupid to make it clear to you but whatever your friends and mates call you is exactly right for you. If you disturbed a girl on a way, what do you think she must say to you an idiot or a stupid? Students who fail the exam what do you think they are, idiots or stupid’s? There are few people who know the difference between them but now you are gonna be one of them who know this difference.

 Difference Between Idiot and Stupid

The difference between stupid and Idiot is that Idiot has its limits.

After failure in exam what do you think about yourself, an idiot or stupid? But on me it is totally different whenever I fail in exams I think about my teachers as an idiot or stupid who could not teach me well. Try to learn for examples for best understanding.

‘Idiot’ is used as adjective and stupid is used as noun

Stupid is just foolish person but an idiot is something more than it, consider this example


If a teacher asks a question in the class and no one raises hand then there are two types of the students in the class, one will be Idiot who does not know the answer at all, and other will be stupid who even know the answer but does not do anything or you can say does not raise the hand, how funny they are..

Now what do you think about you who is you in your class? Some people are stupid who don’t even want to disturb the teacher through answer.

The Bollywood actor Amir Khan says something extra about the difference, according to him being an idiot is good.

“An idiot is not a person who is stupid. There is a difference between the two. An idiot is one who chooses his own way in life. He does something different because of which people think he is stupid. But at the end, it is proved that he was right and others were wrong.”

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