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Difference Between Hunter and Predator

Hunter vs Predator

Hunting is not just killing the wild animals for food or as a sport. Searching for a specific purpose is also called hunting. Boys are hunting girls every time, job seekers are hunting a better job every day, marriage lovers are hunting for new wives after every 3 or 4 months, Social people and marketers are hunting social sites. Hunting is not a crime until you hunt an animal that is legally protected.

Grammatical Difference Between Hunter and Predator

A well known Hollywood movie is also related to the hunting or sometimes a hunter is also called a predator but there is a wide Grammatical Difference Between Hunter and Predator. Do you know the difference between a teacher and a professor? May be students know it more than others because they have to face them on a daily bases. Every professor can be a teacher too but every teacher is not a professor. Sometimes professors are called those people who are specialists in certain studies or subject and they are PHDians in their fields but a teacher can be a general teacher who teaches every subject but with flaws. There is the same difference between the hunter and predator. A predator is the hunter who knows what perfect and flawless hunting is. A hunter becomes a predator when he is very expert in hunting. Hunters make mistakes while hunting but animals makes mistakes before predators. No doubt that a predator is not a human but an alien or animal that kills other animals for food or something. A hunter is a human but the expert hunters in hunting industry say that a hunter must be predator. He or she should hunting like a predator. Predators know the land completely where they hunt, they know the animals’ acts, but a new hunter makes these mistakes, therefore, sometimes animals hunt the hunters in jungles. 😛 predators know this game and they don’t let this game over before accomplishment. So if you want to be a good hunter then become a predator. This is not just dictionary, we enhance your vocabulary in a better way so you could be so right among others having complete knowledge.

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