Difference Between Hotel and Motel

Hotel vs Motel

Do you know the difference between Dating and Marriage? Actually, this difference is known to every female and male almost. If I listen myself, then, in marriage we are forced to live whole life with one woman and we pay for this as long as we are alive,

Difference Between Hotel and Motel

This is a kind of long lasting story while in Dating the scene is totally opposite, and…The most interesting thing is that we are not stuck with one female: P. We doesn’t have to pay for entire life there is no much money needed, no much expensive and it is a very short time scene. Hotel and motel got the same difference, if we talk about the hotel then you can think about marriage and we talk about motel then dating scene is here.

Hotel is something where we pay much for living and for dining and we stay long there. Hotels are commonly in the cities or in those areas where public live around.

Motels are usually on the rode side when we ride or drive, it is not as expensive as hotel is and we don’t live in the motels for long time. We just take rest in the motels during long drive or just for coffee and snacks. We pay very less in motels I mean these are usually cheap to stay. Hotels have many rooms inside to live while motels have few rooms.

Hotels rooms have many facilities like Telephone, TV, Cable Connection; Internet connection and so on… while on other hand motels got rare facilities.

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