Comparable Difference Between Guarantee and Warranty

Guarantee Vs Warranty

Many companies have started giving the warranty for their products when they came to know that people don’t give a shit for their products because of other strong competitors who are offering the same product in low prices. The other reason of providing warranty was to clarify the people that you are not alone to believe in our products we also believe in our products for the certain time of period rather… But the company won’t give a damn after that certain period.

  Comparable Difference Between Guarantee and Warranty

Do you know 85% companies instruct their engineers to manufacture the product in the way it can perform for the certain period only very well… Rest 15% companies don’t provide the warranty; they have made such mindset of people that their products are as fine as the love for the lovers like true lovers cannot stop loving even knowing all the facts about their beloveds. In warranty, companies assure their customers that they don’t have to pay any repair charges for the limited time of period; means to say repairing is a company’s headache during the period. It was all about the warranty but when companies felt that customers are now beyond all these tricks or they don’t even have time to get the products repaired by the company in the busy life. Companies had to come up with a new word and modified concept called guarantee. It is damn sure, the owner does not regulate the business but the customer is the real owner, he or she runs it and make changes in it. You, the customer have a role to play in making the markets function better. You stipulate the instructions what exactly you need in the product as an informed customer, hay, stop getting motivated you regulate the business does not mean you’re gonna start your own business tomorrow ( 😛 ) guarantee is modified form of warranty and 1st and foremost concept is that companies won’t waste your time on free repairing even they will replace the defective product with new one. Some of the companies pay you cash back if the product is defective within the concept of a guarantee. A warranty is like a contract between the company and the customer like an insurance policy. The customer will pay charges yearly for the take care of the product but on the other hand a guarantee is always free. A guarantee is a legal agreement between the two parties but still without any payment, and a warranty is also a legal agreement including invoice as a legal instrument but with certain payment. The customer can bring this agreement to the books. At the time going on people just want the High Quality product not the guarantee or warranty, but, however you can’t refuse the importance of both these two terms and concepts. A rational customer will get a best and high quality product without a warranty and guarantee.

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