Difference Between Goals and Objectives

Difference Between Goals and Objectives

There are two ways the people live, 1st way to live in the dreams and 2nd way is to live for the dreams.1st way is related to the goals and 2nd way is related to the objectives. When you are determining for doing something you set your goals or objectives. Both terms are related to the future and future is something that is mystery. So assumptions are there, it is not necessary to happen the same as we think so both terms Goals and Objectives are kinda risky terms. But the point which one have less risk and which one have more, here the Difference Between Goals and Objectives does matter…

The difference tells us what you need to have in your life even what suits your nature, what is not so far, what you can actually achieve. Goals are something that is always meant to long time of period and therefore people are sometimes uncertain about their accomplishment. It does not mean we should have no goals in our life. People don’t know that when are they going to die but they still have goals. Your goal of life keeps you on the track. Living aimlessly is not knotty but living with aims is always useful.

Did you ever notice the written statements on the cover while opening any book? All those statements come under the head of ‘Learning Objectives’ in the start of almost every book. It shows the motive to learn that book and what will be the information we’ll get after reading the book. Objectives are always specific and definite. We know what we need to do in coming days. The preparation for the tomorrow’s exam will be our objective. If you are chatting with a girl over the internet and planning to date her on the day after tomorrow, it means your next objective is to date. We are specific about our task. Objectives are close to the reality and future. People who believe in the present part of life they don’t have goals but they have objectives. People who are not future oriented they have objectives. And it is even better when your single goal is divided into many objectives because goals without objectives can never be accomplished, on the other hand objective with goals will lead you where you want to be in your life. The future is not always in your hands therefore goals are also not in your hand to some extent but if you still think that future is in your hands then you are just motivated. Objectives are in your hands because you can estimate anything for the short time period very well. People say that if you set the goals then keep one thing in your mind that your goals are measurable. But I’m damn sure goals can never be measured; only objectives can be measured.

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