Core Difference Between Fashion and Vogue

Fashion Vs Vogue

Everything and every concept run in a pattern. However, things have logic in this world. Things or concepts without logic have no good effect on people. Because everyone wants a reason to agree with you. Even your beloved may demand a reason from you that why do you love him/her. Of course, love has no reasons but some people believe in Minds and in hearts afterwards. If you hate someone, you will be having a strong reason behind it. You never wanted to be a married one, but you are married now and a father or mother of 6 children. 😛 Why? No doubt, you got the reason behind it.

You are very intelligent having a beautiful mind in your head but you still copy in exams and if someone asks that why did you copy then you have enough words to satisfy or defend yourself. So, finally, we all got the reasons behind our deeds, but a certain type of people still exists in this world who just have the single reason for doing everything…

Core Difference Between Fashion and Vogue

When you ask them that why do you do this they just say ‘because other people are doing this’ Fashion does have a pattern even every fashion week comes up with a reason behind it. Now-a-days fashion shows are introducing the hot summer collection and even medical have the same reason, doctors are telling the certain food through which you can keep yourself up in hot summer. Children have a specific style of hair as they are following the kids’ fashion. Youth have their own fashion and you will see every teenager in certain fashion. Women are in a different fashion but they all agree upon one thing that is Summer Collection in summer season. But when you don’t have a specific reason behind your fashion, when you don’t have a specific code to express it, even when your fashion is against every fashion and you are spoiling other’s fashion through your own fashion then here Vogue comes. Voguish people are of course fashionable but the only reason they express about their fashion is, ‘Because other people are doing this and we are following them’. Vogue doesn’t follow any trend or pattern, people just adapt it because many other people are following this or it suits them. Do you know the certain type of people who always like to copy others?  These people are voguish. Well, however I must say that students who copied in exams during their study period, now having the same habit even in professional life they copy others in fashion. So vogue is all about irrelevant fashion.

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