Considerable Difference Between Culture and Society

Culture Vs Society

A certain nature of a human is always relevant to his/her culture. Culture is something what are you according to and it is your way of life. Your behavior is your culture. What you eat even how you eat represents your culture. What languages you are speaking and how are you speaking are relevant to your culture. People speak the same words for the same meanings but their tones and expressions on certain sentences are different because of their culture. Except a lady, every other thing and behavior in marriages is different in different cultures.

 Considerable Difference Between Culture and Society

Wedding process is completed in different number of days in different cultures. Sex before marriage is common in some cultures but some cultures strongly believe in sex after marriage. A culture represents an individual. Small or large group of people of the same culture make a society. Culture is related to you but you relate to your society. Being in your society, you are all about your culture. In other societies you represent your culture but when you are in your own society then society represents you. You can modify your culture for the need of time being in other societies but you cannot change or modify the societies. There are two terms regarding the cultures, 1st one is culture itself and 2nd one is subculture. Culture is about specific languages, behaviors, living habits of an individual and so on. While, on the other hand, subculture prevails in different societies. In a subculture, diverse societies from different parts of the world preserve their unique culture. These people are the part of a subculture in the new society. Society is an intact and separate entity. A society has one culture for all but people have many and different occupations and government runs it with proper health care and education system. Everyone in society is allowed to perform to create a positive change in it, mean to say anyone can contribute to the society. Society can also have many different cultures but one culture is always dominant. In these societies government tries to entertain every culture and provide equal right to everyone. But everyone can perform well for the society or can bring a big change for the welfare of society. Society gives certain favor and status of such person.

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