Difference Between Coverlet and Quilt

Coverlet vs Quilt

The funniest moment when you are 2 or 3 years old, and you pee in the mid of the night while sleeping beside your mother in bed and coverlet gets wet. When you wake up in the morning, you smile and laugh lying on the same wet coverlet…

 Difference Between Coverlet and Quilt

Bed sheets are called coverlets but some people say quilts as bed sheets. In bed rooms, people don’t change their beds but they change coverlets and quilts. It is just like when you take shower once in a month but you change your cloths daily. When we say coverlet or quilt we mean bed sheets. Why we use both words for the same meaning? If a bed sheet can be a coverlet then where quilt is coming from to the dictionary.

The coverlet is a simple bed sheet with simple design which we spread on bed for covering the inner surface while the quilt is not a simple bed sheet. A quilt is more than a bed sheet. A quilt is an ornamental bed sheet, a type of blanket; you beautify a coverlet to make it a quilt with different type of stitching and layers. Therefore, almost, all quilts are coverlets but not all coverlets are quilts. When special guests come to you, you use quilts for the Beds and when normal guests visit your home you use coverlets for their sitting arrangements. Do you know who are normal guests, guests who come every second day.
A coverlet covers your bed surface even hang down the sides but it does not touch the floor. While a quilt doesn’t have to cover up the whole surface of the bed. It can be small or of any size. In Pakistan, in hot summer season, people use coverlets rather than quilts while in winter season quilts are more comfortable than coverlets. 

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