Difference Between Citizenship and Nationality

Nationality Vs Citizenship

Nationality and citizenship both are identical terms but when it comes to your identity then the difference is here to discuss. Nationally is something that is your personal matter while on the other hand, citizenship is the matter with the government. 1st we are nationals then we are citizens because citizenship relates to our birth. Nationality is not so much central but the citizenship does matter. Citizenship comprises law and order. The country in which we are born becomes our nationality so the nationality starts from the 1st day of your life and goes hand in hand with you in your childhood period.

 Difference Between Citizenship and Nationality

Citizenship is something you apply for when you are rational. Nationality is associated with us automatically when our birth happens in any country but you have to take citizenship by yourself, you apply for it to the government. You fulfill certain requirements to take the citizenship from the government of any country. If you are born in Africa and afterwards you apply to the African government for the citizenship and it allots you, now your nationality and citizenship both are African. But it is not necessary to apply for citizenship being in the same country where you are born. You are free to move anywhere in the world. Your nationality and citizenship can be different at the same time. For example, if you are born in Africa and after 10 years you move to Sweden for better qualification with your parents or without parents and in Sweden you apply for citizenship, now your nationality is African but you have Sweden citizenship. You are destined to have one and only nationality but you can have many citizenship. Reason for only one nationality is that you cannot be born in more than one country at once. But you can move everywhere in the world and can apply for further citizenship’s. Like if you move from the Sweden after 5 years to Canada for any reason, you can apply for citizenship of Canada after specified period of time. Now you are African by nationality, Swede and Canadian by citizenship. If you move further from Canada to Australia then you can be Australian too. You cannot run from your nationality but can alter the citizenship. An individual is national of a certain country by birth. Nationality is gotten through inheritance from his/her parents while an individual becomes a citizen of a country only when he/she is accepted into that country’s political framework through legal terms. Nationality is so easy to take, if a Pakistani pregnant lady is traveling from Pakistan to Canada and she gives birth in plane while the plane is in the air but on US premises, now the baby is American by nationality even the mother is Pakistani. If you did something that has importance worldwide and you made it large too, you may receive honorary citizenship from any country. But the interesting thing is that someone’s birth cannot be so special that he/she receives nationality from another country. People born and die daily in the world.

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