Grammatical Difference Between Apartment and Flat

Apartment vs Flat

No doubt, the world is very beautiful even Vienna, Melbourne and Portland are considered the best places in the world to live in. But, however, someone’s heart is the best place ever to live yet. It is always kinda tough to live in this place. People know its worth but they are still living in flats and apartments. It is because you can take world’s every place in exchange of money but a place in heart is priceless…

Grammatical Difference Between Apartment and Flat

So let’s talk about the place where most people live, apartments and flats, in common sense these both terms are having same meanings. But there are some certain reasons that people use these both terms for the same meaning. 1st reason belongs to the countries. People who live in the USA they use apartment in the sense of the flat. An apartment is a flat; used in American English.  Second Grammatical Difference Between Apartment and Flat is related to the status. An apartment is also one of a set of large rooms used by an important person such as a king queen, or the president. Posh buildings are called apartments. A flat on the other hand is the term used in the UK or the people who follow the UK English standards. So it must be clear to you that this concept is all about ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. Using the term flat in front of the American people is not a good idea they may laugh at you and vice versa for UK. A flat is also a set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor of a large building while an apartment can be a single big room among the stories of a building. Another thing to be considered is that, Apartment is the only term that refers the meaning of living place but in case of flat scene is totally opposite. The term flat has 9 meanings even in the same spelling and ‘living place’ is one of them. You just need to understand the situation to use this term.

Other meanings of flat are…

  • Something that is flat is not curved, slopping or pointed.
  • A flat tire does not have sufficient air inside it.
  • A flat rejection, refusal and denial are definite and firm.
  • A flat voice is unemotional and cold.
  • If a musical note is played or sung flat it is slightly lower in pitch than it should be.
  • A flat charges or fee is the same for every person whatever the situations are.
  • A flat battery has lost some or all of its electrical power.
  • A flat drink has lost the bubbles of gas it formerly contained.
  • If something is done in a specific amount of time flat then it is done rapidly in exactly that amount of time.

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