Grammatical Difference Between Air and Wind

Air or Wind

When a bus moves on the road in very slow motion, what do you name it? Of course we say ‘Bus’ not bicycle and when it runs fast on the road we pronounce the same name Bus not the train or aircraft. I mean to say names remain same of the automobiles and other things whether they move slowly or fast.  Speed does not change name of a Bus, it will remain a Bus in slow and fast speed. But here is one thing that is affected by speed.

I’m talking about air; In dictionary, air is something is not called air when it moves rapidly. It is air when it moves very slowly, and when it moves fast it’s called wind. This is the most common and major Grammatical Difference Between Air and Wind. We can breathe in both air and wind but we can only breath in the air we cannot strongly feel it but wind can be felt because it touches our body around when it blows. The air is the space around things that is above the ground but when the air moves fast it is called wind. In hot summer season air cannot dry sweat on your body but wind can dry it. In hot countries when people feel the heat they switch on the fan to convert air into the wind. What we don’t feel when we breath is called air, and it is wind which we feel when we are breathing. Air is kinda idle thing and wind is thing in action. Air cannot make any substance fly but the wind can move the things in the space. The air is everywhere at once but wind is not. Wind will be there, where air moves fast enough. So air is air and wind is fast motion of air.

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