Difference Between Agreement and Contract

Contract Vs Agreement

Agreements and contracts are the instruments to make something happen in the future. People take them in the same way but both are the different. A contract is always under the protection of law and if anybody tries to break it or any part of it then the other party can sue that party. According to the law a contract must have both parties agreed independently. Neither party is forced to perform on a contract. You can make a contract when the motive behind the contract is not illegal. If it would be illegal then there is no any contract by law. Your motive or the base of the contract should be worldwide accepted, like you cannot make a contract with someone that he/she has to paint the airplane when it is in the air.

 Difference Between Agreement and Contract

It is kinda impossible task you are mentioned in the contract so there would no contract in this way. Agreement, basically, is another name of trust personally, so an agreement is not under the protection of law. You cannot say the agreement legally. The law does not take any responsibility for the agreement because it is not enforced by law and this is the main difference between them. Therefore, every contract is an agreement but every agreement is not a contract. The agreement usually meant for the short term period while contracts are made for the long term plans. Do you know the difference between the marriage and fixation of a Date? It is very simple here to understand the difference between contract and agreement. When you fix a date with a girl you make an agreement and on the other hand, when you marry a girl you are in contract. A marriage is always registered under the law of a certain country but a date with girl needs no registration. A date would be the scene of 3 or 4 days but a marriage can be the scene of whole life. Someone can be forced to come to the court in the breach of marriage and wife is not the only person who is against you, while other people also get involved in it. Lol.. Why cannot they just mind their own business? On the other hand, when you cancel any male cancel a date, his girlfriend would be the only one who is angry with him, it is not the concern of others. The world still has such under developing countries where marriage is still an agreement not a contract. Agreements generally are made in relations where trust is the main cause while contracts are normally made among the strangers.

Age, job, or the business doesn’t make you professional. You are always professional in your tasks. You are professional when you manage things professionally. If you make an agreement with someone who is not in your relation in your professional life, then you are being unprofessional. Only contracts are made in professional life. Business men need contracts not agreements.

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