Difference Between Advertising and Publicity

People are very compulsory if you want to survive in this fast world, I’m not talking about the friendship dammit… Business is nothing when it is known only to us. Its products and services are always meant for others so that people let people know about their products and services but did you ever think what they do? Do they advertise or publicity? Which is gonna best for what type of business is also important to know. We know that, from how many advertisements you daily have to go through and the publicity u have to face.

Difference Between Advertising and Publicity

The last thing you saw was an advertisement or publicity. When we can publicity then why we care for advertising, did you ever think about it? Should we advertise our business or publicity? We always feel some confusion when we go through these common words so let them not common now, what do you think?

In this selfish world nothing is free to get, even we have to buy the people to make them friends’ I m not wrong don’t you see Facebook? Don’t you pay your net bills for using Facebook…. so how can we think that advertising is free, advertising is something we get by paying for it. Publicity is not a paid activity; we only pay for the material used in the publicity so publicity is unpaid to some extent while the advertising is paid activity to every extent. Publicity has at least 10 times the credibility of advertising, therefore, advertising is something we pay for and publicity is something we pray for. 😛

This is not just dictionary, we enhance your vocabulary in a better way so you could be so right among others having complete knowledge.

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