The Difference Among Suit, Outfit and Dress

We can go outside anywhere without wife but cannot go without putting clothes on and this is ample to know the importance of cloths. People wear actually the same thing (cloths) but name it differently like dresses, suits, outfits. Although by saying all these three words, substantial meaning does not change but the difference still exists.

 The Difference Among Suit, Outfit and Dress

It is just like us, I mean just like people, the substantial thing is same, we all are the humans but we all are different to each other and the worst example is we cannot have the same girlfriend and wife. So the difference among dress, suit and outfit is important to know.

Suit is a type of cloths which normally depends on two things; matching jacket and Pants. We also use this term when some cloths improve one’s personality. Therefore, mostly, we use this word as a verb.


This color suits you.

Does Monday suit you for Vacation work.

We can’t Say…

This color outfits you or this color dress you.

Therefore this word exists in the vocabulary for this type of use.

Examples as a noun:

A man’s suit consists of a matching jacket, trousers, and sometimes a waistcoat.

He arrived at the office in a suit and tie.

A woman’s suit consists of a matching jacket and skirt.

She wore a black suit and a tiny black hat.

Dress refers to a gown, robe, and frock. Therefore it suits to women; it can also be used as a verb but in another sense not like Suite sense. It is used in verb sense to put cloths on oneself or someone else. Mean to say that when we dress we put on cloths. If you dress someone, you put clothes on them.

Here it would be beneficial if we talk about the term ‘Dress Up” we should use this term when we put on different clothes, in order to make our self look like someone else or in order to look smarter. Another important term is ‘Dressing’. A dressing is a protective covering that is put on a wound. A salad dressing is a mixture of oil, vinegar, and herbs, which you pour over a salad. We can also ask a question like “What kind of dressing would you like on your salad”?


When he had shaved and dressed, he went down to the kitchen.

His trembling reduced, he could write, dress himself, and walk more easily.

Carnivals which give an opportunity for people to dress up in exotic costumes and have a good time…. We’re not against children dressing up.

Boiled potato peelings can serve as a painless dressing for burns, according to research at the Wadia hospital.

An Outfit simply is a set of cloths and it is the only clothing term which cannot be used in a Verb sense even this term can be used not only for clothing sense rather for an organization, group and unit also.


I can’t afford a new evening outfit.

The awkward moment when you put off an outfit after 2 weeks, put it in washing machine to wash and it rips in many parts.

I joined this outfit hoping to go abroad.

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