Dating Advice: What To Do If You Have to Poop On Date

This is awkward but it happens sometimes and no one wishes the person they might share intimate moments with later in the night to think about their bowel movements. It’s completely normal that you hide such indications of this activity. Therefore, as someone highly (unluckily) experienced in this ground, I can suggest you a few imperative tips when it comes to dealing with bowel movements on a date.

Dating Advice: What To Do If You Have to Poop On Date

Try To Go Before
This is first and best, prioritize going to the bathroom before going on the date. It may seem apparent and ludicrously straightforward, but many of us simply forget or even ignore to try in the rush and excitement of preparing for the evening. You should empty your bladder and colon totally so that you can reduce the chances.

Don’t Get Adventurous
When it comes to dating advice on this matter, decide what to eat for the 6 hours before the date or during the date… stick to eatables that normally don’t hurt your digestive system. Don’t try to be a superman at dinner and finish her assisting of chili or take down 6 ghost peppers just to amaze your audacious date.

Relax and Think Smart
Take a deep breath… meditate…. Visualize… and do anything you need to get yourself in the safe zone. However, if you do end up having to go during your date just be normal and think about the way out and if you can’t try mine, just start crushing your any left or right eye with your hand, do it 2 or 3 times with intervals of minutes. After 5 or 6 minutes say to her “I think something has gone to my eyes. Just give me two minutes I need go to the bathroom to pour water into, if you don’t mind”. She’ll not stop you.
If You Cant Be Smart Be Honest
If you can’t do that trick nicely then you can simply be honest with your girl without enlightening any more than is essential. Excuse yourself to the toilet and leave it at that. But if it looks like you’ll be facing numerous rounds simply tell her you aren’t feeling well and would love to postpone. But this is cheapest option and there are chances of losing her.

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