What Is Good Decision For Men – Contact Lenses OR Specs

Contact Lenses for Men

Fashion is something unusual; no doubt the most modern colorful and stylish specs and many different lenses looks great and may completely change your outlook. But still there are a number of pros and cons of both specs and contact lenses, which are to be preferred before selecting one of them. Both lenses and specs have benefits and drawbacks, so it’s up to you that which suits your requirements in Fashion Style & Trends as well as in ease. Just read these guidelines to have a swift idea about What Is Good Decision For Men – Contact Lenses OR Specs.


What Is Good Decision For Men – Contact Lenses OR Specs

Pros For Contact Lenses

  • Contact lenses as compared to specs source little vision distortion because contact lenses wrap the entire curvature of eye, and reason of less distortion.
  • For those men who are concerned in sports should go for contact lenses because they don’t get in the way while playing. On the other hand specs do interfere while running and playing.
  • Contact lenses don’t bother vision in severe weather conditions like fog and rain. They don’t get fogged in wintry weather and don’t need to get clean again and again in rainy weather.
  • Some contact lenses develop your myopia while you are asleep and you see very clear vision next day without having specs or wearing contact lenses.


  • If you are using them without giving rest to eyes, the quantity of oxygen approaching to your eyes get abridged and this becomes reason of dry eye syndrome.
  • Most of the men use computers and laptops entire day along-with wearing contact lenses which cause and a stern computer vision syndrome.
  • Contact lenses require appropriate cleaning and care. They need separate cases and regular cleansing and replacing of their specific water. In short, they are very sensitive.


Pros for Specs

  • Wearing specs lessens the chances of having an eye infections or any other eye ailment. Because, specs don’t require any suitable daily hygiene.
  • If you have sensitive or little dry eyes then you should consider specs instead of lenses as specs don’t harm your eyes when they are dry. And save you from dry eye syndrome. They also don’t cause Cataracts.
  • They are defensive; they guard your eyes from environmental dirt and other infuriating particles. They even save you from extreme sunlight.


  • They cause more distortion of vision than contact lenses.
  • The frame of your eye glasses put pressure on your nose all the time which cause blemish on the nose where specs put forth pressure.
  • Eye specs can be dangerous in mishaps and abrupt falling conditions. They get broken and their lens cause harsh wound to eyes.

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