What Color Says What For You

Colour Combination for Men

The colors you choose to wear send a message about the type of personality that you have. Your skin must be considered before making any color. Your complexion, physical hair is very important. Finally, the fact is that all you need to know is what color to wear and look into that too. Whether you are a fashionista or a style novice, it is important to wear colors that work with your skin tone and hair color.

Understanding color that best compliment your colors and features is not a precise science. While there are many guidelines and rules supposedly what colors work best with your skin, there is no absolute rule to which you must adhere.

What Colour Says What For You

You cannot understand what colors work best for you without first determining your skin tone. Examine your skin almost without wearing makeup at all. Not a single grain. This article highlights 11 main colors and how they complement his personality.

Dark Color shows Authority
Men should wear dark colors to convey authority and power. Some of the dark colors include black and navy blue, Men who are confident, upfront, and autocratic or decision maker go for the darker shades, they will compliment your personality the best.

Pastel Color shows Relaxing Situation
Men should wear pastel colors to seem comfortable and sociable. Some pastel colors comprise light green and light purple. For chill and cheerful buddies, pastel colors are the best option.

Multi Color is creativity 
Multi hues or Mix colors express creativity. Make sure to merge colors that match and complement each other well, like purple and red or red & white.

Red color shows Power
If you are an experimenter, innovator and initiator then go for red; it shows the strength and power that matches your personality characters. Red tends to vary on the message they send through. Burgundy conveys sophistication, white blue red translated assertiveness. A red-orange would be worn by someone who is energetic.
Red or black… which are the same color as your skin when it is emptied very romantic air. But beware of too red or too tight. It could get you in trouble. A tight red dress said, and that’s an understatement, “alert flirt.” It can also give the impression that you are flashy, and not a team player.

Pink shows Approachability 
Wear pink to convey an open-heart. Men, who wear pink… they appear accessible and able to love others. Bubble fuchsia or head to toe is simply head to toe is simply irritating.
Its better to opt for more subtle shades of pink for a feminine touch, this color is available so wear with care. For men who wear pink accents or pale salmon tell the world they are pretty confident and independent sport that has already been considered a feminine color.

White is Freshness
Official men staff should wear whites to symbolize a new beginning and further symbolize cleaning and offer a fresh and bright new outlook. Whites, browns and beiges that match closely to your skin tone look incredible!

Yellow is Optimism
If you are a positive and realistic person then go for yellow. Yellow heat display and optimism carries the same healing qualities associated with the sun. Yellow tells people that you are relaxed, playful, gay, accessible and not afraid to take risks.

Orange shows Boldness
For those who are bold, outgoing and risk takers must wear orange to show high energy. Orange is a bold color that can make you feel quite playful. It is also a color that has a lot of sexual energy for her.

Green shows Strength 
Brighter greens tell observers you’re sporty more casual and often cheerful. Darker greens mean power, strength, class and conservatism.

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