This is How to Keep Your Carpet & Rugs always New and Fresh

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Follow these straightforward guidelines to keep your carpet or area rug at its best.

This is How to Keep Your Carpet & Rugs always New and Fresh

Get rid of notches in your Carpet With an Ice Cube

Have you ever resorted your furniture setting at your home, or possibly replaced it for a new piece that wasn’t precisely the same size and noticed notches left behind in your carpet there? To get rid of notches and bring your carpet back to life again, place a single ice cube in the notch and allow it to melt. Once it has melted on carpet, brush the carpet fibers with your fingers to revitalize them. Don’t use a scrub brush, this will be too rough and damaging to your carpet! Finish by vacuuming the area of the carpet, once the carpet is fully dry. You don’t need to feel like your furniture is chained to the spot ever.

Roll Up Your Rug to Stop Color damage

If you have hardwood flooring then you may not be conscious that it is repeatedly experiencing a color transformation. Air pollutants, UV rays and direct sunlight add to the change in color of a natural wood floor. Darker-colored woods usually don’t show the color-change as severely as lighter woods… but, however, the change happens to some level in all natural woods.

Area rugs laid over hardwood can Prevent the wood beneath by shielding it from air and light. After a length of time period, the wood around the rug has distorted, but when the rug is detached, the color of the wood in that specific area remains nearer to the original wood color. To minimize this result, eliminate your area rug(s) when you plan to be away like when you go on holiday-break. Roll up the rug and place it out of the way and leave your curtains or blinds open. This will allow the air and light to get at the wood-made furniture, thus tumbling the dramatic effect of the color change. When you want to change your area remove or rug it overall, your all hardwood will be more evenly colored. You are reading This is How to Keep Your Carpet & Rugs always New and Fresh.

Purchase Additional Carpet for Your Stairs

Stairs are the maximum traffic area of any home, therefore there is no doubt in saying that the carpet on the stairs will age much more rapidly than the carpet in other areas of home, and will have to to be replaced sooner. Nonetheless, there is no any guarantee that the same carpet will be available in five years’ time or so on. Thus buy it meanwhile! Purchase double the amount of carpet you need for your stairs and keep the second piece rolled up in a dry and dark area. By the way, Stairs don’t need a lot of carpet to cover up, so the additional cost will not be enormous, and will save you down the road as you won’t have to restore all of your carpet just because your stairs are looking shabby.

Sprinkle Baking Soda to Remove Odors

This tip is almost certainly not news to most of us, but bears bringing up on this list. It’s quite ordinary information that baking soda soaks up odors and it’s very old tip that shake some baking soda all over your carpet when you need to eliminate odors that come from cooking, pets and smoke etc. Leave it on for a couple of hours and then vacuum your carpet methodically to take away all of the baking soda and the odor along with it.

You were reading This is How to Keep Your Carpet & Rugs always New and Fresh.

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