Boost up Your Long-term Memory through Caffeine

Boost up Memory through Caffeine

If we see students with sleep in eyes, delimited by cups of coffee or bottles of energy drinks used to power the study late night cannot be a good habit to study, but he drinks selection can give them a scope that the caffeine in their drinks is an activator of memory and will stimulate their memory for the long term.

The positive effects of caffeine on long-term memory have been shown in a study analyzing the regular utilization of caffeine through coffee or tea in addition to using other matters. With multiple cognitive tasks researchers observed a positive effect on cognitive processes.

Boost up Your Long-term Memory through Caffeine

They presented words in two groups of people, one that was moderate to high consumption of habitual caffeine (about 710 mg/week) and the second to those who had low habitual caffeine intake (about 178 mg/week). As a result, they have found more success delayed recall of words by those who had a high intake of caffeine as compared to those with low caffeine intake. Therefore, a better performance in the long-term memory was found to increase the consumption of caffeine usual because of better storage or retrieval.


Another study done by showing images of different objects to request that these photos are elements inside or outside items. Afterwards, they give 200 mg of caffeine in pill form or a placebo tablet in some participants. Next day photos as well as some new pictures were again presented to participants and asked them to identify these images, these pictures are New, Old or similar to the original pictures. The result expressed that 200MG of caffeine can develop memory. I mean they found that members who took caffeine were better to identify these images that are even, compared to participants who used the placebo. However, both groups were able to correctly distinguish if the images were old or new.

Another test was made by researchers to verify the improvement of the long term memory with an intake of caffeine used by rats and a water maze. They give caffeine to rats before and after training gatherings and found that before the training session, there was no effect of caffeine consumption was seen. But there was no effect of caffeine consumption before training sessions. However, a better effect was observed at a low dose immediately after. They conclude that the rats were able to find the fastest platform when caffeine is consumed after training sessions rather than before. This test requires that the memory gain was not affected, while the increases in maintenance of memory were.


After so many studies now everyone will be curious which contains caffeine drinks to boost their long-term memory. You can get caffeine from coffee, soft drinks and tea is green or black tea. One study suggests that consuming 200 mg of caffeine coffee one day will stimulate long-term memory.

They have come to the point that, after the experience of the use of 100mg and 300mg doses of caffeine that performance was better after the 200mg dose compared to the 100mg dose, but there was no update after 300mg of caffeine, against 200 mg. Also, you can get caffeine from green tea antioxidant that contains 25mg of caffeine, flavored iced tea with black leaves which contains 40mg of caffeine, green coffee energy drink containing 50mg of caffeine, vanilla coconut coffee which provides 120 mg caffeine.

But it’s not all good reports. One study suggests that consistent and considerable amount of consumption may disturb and disrupt sleep patterns hours. In addition, taking caffeine in energy drinks can change cardiac function, can make you fat can make you enthusiastic. It is therefore preferable to caffeine, but a small proportion of 200mg of caffeine amount but can vary according to different age groups also. The amount of caffeine intake cannot exceed 300mg.

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