When Should We Get Married: Best Age For Marriage


Because the only reason of Divorce is Marriage as most of us don’t know the best age to get married and issues keep prevailing between the couples.

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Studies have shown and suggested the best and optimal age to get married is late 20s.

 When Should We Get Married: Best Age For Marriage

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Divorce rate, high or low, doesn’t explain about how to live successful married life. Monogamous relationships also not the key of happy married life. But it’s amusing to note that an enough percentage of failed social marriage events are the course of communication of married couples who got married in their early 20s or even their teens. No one wants to shout about it, no doubt, because it’s entirely non-sensible thing, but, that’s perhaps the age you should be exploring all of your sexual options instead of getting fat in cinema watching your favorite movies with someone.


Imperative follow-up on that, According to the new studies of National Survey of Family Growth data from 2006 to 2010 has definite that in reality, the risk of divorce turns down as people marry later in life. fascinatingly, this trend seems to limit by the early 30s and then goes down stridently. People who get married in their mid-30s or later are more probable to divorce than those who commit in late 20s… psychologist Nicholas H. Wolfinger said being in his Institute for Family Studies.

Agree or not, so. Want to get married in late 20s, it is? Ok, seriously. Why?

As per analysis by Wolfinger, prior to age 32 or so, every added year of age at marriage lessens the odds of divorce by 11%. nonetheless, afterwards, the odds of divorce raise by 5% per year.


Wolfinger continued , What was true for decades no longer seems to be the case. Similar data explained the lower the risk of divorce for the married couple when they married in old age. However, Wolfinger’s analysis contains true even accounting for demographic variables like education, religion, race and location as well as the ‘ol’ number of sexual couples, which has formerly been linked to a upper risk of Splitsville.

Don’t you think, we should close down the concept of wedding or marriage as it is too ridiculous?

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