The World’s Most Beautiful and Luxurious Hotels You should Consider to Stay

Luxurious Hotels in the World

Although boutique hotels are hot, there is something to say about the hotels in the chain. You know almost always what you get and it hopefully will not be surprises. There is a safe in it. And if you have very expensive, luxury taste, it’s safe to say one of these luxury hotels twelve strings suit all your needs and of course your wishes too. When you need to know that you will have a good night’s sleep and be pampered in a beautiful room if you stay in one of these World’s Most Beautiful and Luxurious Hotels You should Consider to Stay at on this list, you’re likely to get that and a whole lot more.

The World’s Most Beautiful and Luxurious Hotels You should Consider to Stay at

Shangri-La hotels

Shangri-La hotels, which are known to have some of the best service in the industry, just super luxurious… and they certainly are. With hotels and resorts around the world (except US), including the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Italy, Canada and India… there are so many great options. Forbes Magazine rated the Shangri-La the best Paris in 2013. On the Seine, the hotel was once the palace of the grand nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte.



J.W. Marriott Hotels
When you think of Marriott, you might not think of luxury, but you need to think again. The very top of JW Marriott brand range is the name of the founder of Marriott, John Willard Marriott. And it is highly luxurious competing with some of the most luxurious hotels chains in the world. Facilities include spas with private sanctuaries, personal trainers, ultra luxurious pools and suites. JW Marriott has more than 75 locations including Los Angeles (the famous Essex House is now a JW Marriott) New York, Kuwait,  Azerbaijan, many in Hong Kong, The United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Korea South, Bangladesh & Malaysia.



Ritz-Carlton Hotels
The Ritz-Carlton is one of the first names you think of when you think of a luxury hotel. The hotel chain, which is partly owned by Marriott, has 87 locations in twenty-nine countries. Some notable locations include New York (several locations), Los Angeles, Bahrain, Aruba, Canada, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and South Korea & Saudi Arabia. Equipment of the hotel chain is known for its spas are. In fact the City of Toronto was voted number 1 of 2013 the world’s best travel list price + Leisure Magazine Top Hotel Spas together. Now it seems detent.




Peninsula Hotels
It is one of the Stunning hotels around the world, There are only nine Peninsula Hotels. The first was in Hong Kong, which opened in 1928. Other locations are in Beijing (where the hotel Louis Vinton store is considered the Flagship of the World for the famous luxury brand), Paris, New York, Beverly Hills, Bangkok, Chicago, Tokyo, London & Shanghai. Interesting hotel equipment is that they provide some of the most extraordinary airport transportation including helicopters (really the excellent way to get rid of the traffic in a city) boats and if you insist land Transport… each hotel has a fleet of Rolls Royce.



Banyan Tree Hotels
You might not have heard of the luxury chain, Banyan Tree because they do not have places in America. Focusing more on Asian countries, Banyan Tree has offices throughout Indonesia, China, Seychelles, the Maldives, Mexico, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea & Thailand. If you are looking for a unique experience… see the private collection where you can stay in beautiful villas stunning many of the properties Banyan Tree. Similar to a timeshare, it costs $ 150,000 a year to join their club and an additional amount of $ 3.300 a week to book a villa. This is a club and we would all be members!



Jumeirah Hotels
Jumeirah is the Arabic word for Belle, who is a great way to describe Jumeirah hotels. Jumeirah used to own the Essex House in New York, but has more properties in the United States. But they have locations across the Middle East and other places, including the Rome, Maldives, Frankfurt, London and Istanbul. Jumeirah has some of the finest spas in this whole universe, each of which is designed to reflect the beauty of the place.


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