Be The Best Of Yourself Through Adopting Eight Traits

Credit for this post goes to James Michael Sama’s website where he puts stuff about relationships. He is live on air event host based in Boston.

The common thread among us is need and desire to keep grooming and improving to achieve our goals set by ourself. This article will tell you such amazing 8 steps that can lead you to become best in you and will show you how to be the best of yourself. These steps are enough if anyone wants improvement in their personality.

Be The Best Of Yourself Through Adopting Eight Traits

Decide To Stand For Something And Stand For It

According to old words… people who don’t stand for something can easily fall for anything. You always need to remain open and flexible, open means you are ready to learn new things and happenings around you. The world revolves once in 24 hours. There is nothing to be ashamed of in changing your views and stubbornness to learn something new. when you take success path starts.

Willingness To Apologise

Apologise is not any shameful act to do especially when you have done something wrong to others around you. It is an ability to admit your own fault which finally gives you something you didn’t learn before in your life. Ego is not better than your valued relationships. Mistake becomes lesson when you admit it otherwise it will remain a mistake always.

Have Patience

Remaining calm and cool and even collected is a sign of maturity. If you are not having patience in your matters it will just create free tension for you. Having patience is kinda Good Habit.

Sometimes Listening Is Better Than Speaking

Having one mouth and two ears means we should listen twice as much as we speak. Everyone one loves the person who listens carefully and pays attention and it also makes you a good lover.

Respect People Around You

Actual favour or kindness isn’t something you give others because of who they are, it’s something you give others because of who you are. Wherever you are you’ll see double respect for yourself in return if you respect somebody seriously. Stop thinking why you should be first at it than others because you are actually this type of person dammit.

Always Care For Grooming Yourself

You know What Is Happiness? It comes after doing better. You need to remember this formula always…

Look Better = Feel Better = Do Better

So, stay happy and feel better and finally, start grooming. Nobody will see what you have eaten but everyone will see what you are wearing. Therefore, get up – dress up – show up.

Compliment People

If you don’t appreciate your wife or girlfriend for something she really did better, she also won’t care about complementing you. Recognizing greatness in people is in fact a good ability. It shows to others that you also know this particular thing or concept. As far as I know, no one felt awful about themselves giving a genuine compliment.

Don’t Hesitate Be The First

Whether you’re living your professional life or you are in some intimate situation just remember, hesitation often leads to regret afterwards. When the situation is presenting itself it is good time to go with small, make commitment and take action within no time.

Respect People With Different Religions

Never say bad words to others religions so no one can say to your religion. This practise is not a joke you can practise it to see the results. Being Muslim or non-Muslim, when you see month of Ramadan you should respect this holy month and it directly means you are respecting people who are even Muslims. Just be a good man.

Avoid such things in the month of Ramadan


  • Eating or drinking in public
  • Playing loud music
  • Smoking
  • Same nightlife
  • Dressing inappropriately
  • Walking in front of someone praying


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