Are You Dad? These Awkward Things that Happen to Every Dad

It is Four years period of time, I’ve been a dad. Some days are awesome and some are… ummmm… not so awesome but I still accept as true it’s the paramount and most significant job a man will have in his lifetime. As I sit here now knowing that circumstances and things could been a lot smoother if somebody passed along a memo to me before I became a dad noting what contemporary or modern fathers deal with.

Are You Dad? These Awkward Things that Happen to Every Dad

Hopefully I can use my some degree of experience to help other men who are about to become prestigious dad.

Our Society Has Much Evolving Left To Do

I remember when I was at the mall by myself with my newborn or infant baby-girl and she had a blowout diaper. I won’t go into graphic aspects, but it’s the sort of thing you only see in your darkest nightmares. I needed to find a place to change her diaper.

I came across an unnamed concern and I expected to observe a changing table in the men’s restroom, but there was nothing as I expected…

I went next door to another industry and searched the men’s restroom there. Nope…

Lastly, I took my entirely shitted-in-diaper and melted down baby to the back of my SUV and changed the diaper there. While all of this was going on, I thought, what’s going on here? We have cars that can even park themselves but dads like me don’t have reasonable safe places to change our kids.

Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher are expressing their concerns about the requirement of changing tables in men’s restrooms but very little development has been made thus far.

The answer to this is so simple. We need to pass legislation that states a changing table must be present in a men’s restroom out there and if one presently exists in a women’s restroom. If there’s a family restroom, that’s also fair.

A bill was almost near to being passed in California in 2014 that puts changing tables in men’s restrooms if one is available in an adjacent women’s restroom. Unluckily, California’s governor banned the bill afterwards, saying that this should be a private sector issue. Nonsense!

The private sector is not going to resolve this issue. Dads have been around longer than cigarettes and other such things for which we have separate places but nothing has changed.

Over Acting of People When You’re Dad

I’ll never overlook when my oldest daughter was about two months old and I took her on a sally to a close by Starbucks so I could take pleasure in a highly needed caffeinated drinks. The moment I pushed her in the stroller; men and women both stopped to say how cute my daughter is, but their traditional and additional comments really told the story.

Random woman: You are such a great dad.

Random man: You’re doing the fatherhood kinda right my man. Just keep it up.

These strange people didn’t even know me. What did I do that day that fits as Amazing? Did I cure aids? Did I save an elderly woman from a burning residence? I felt as uncomfortable as a man could possibly feel.

Poor Dads Will Be Micro-managed

I have a puzzle for you, what’s the only profession in the world where everyone acts like they are experts but have completely no clue what they even are doing. You guessed it parenting. It doesn’t matter if I was at Playground, shopping mall, supermarket or in the comfort of my own personal room I couldn’t escape from the absolute volume of unwelcome advice from self-proclaimed and children experts. Frankly, these kinda people all have good meanings, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating to deal with. You are reading Are You Dad? These Awkward Things that Happen to Every Dad.

Your Friends Circle Will Be Re-circled

I think every man had That Good Friend who was a damn blast to hang out with during the single days because he fond of to parties and spend all of his leisure time at the bar. But once a man gets married and settles down even when a father or dad his mind strolls and he asks… do I want this damn guy around my children? lol

It doesn’t mean that guy is an awkward person but, actually, it’s not about us anymore… it’s about our kids. Do we want that your best buddy to be an influence on your kids? Answer is yours.


You Thought You are Love-Guru But You Are Not

I can’t snap a time in my life when I felt a bundle of emotions when I held my two daughters for the first time. I cried, I screamed even laughed and I acted like an absolute outrageous in the delivery room. My wife didn’t feel awkward because she knows I’m an emotional hubby, but the love I felt for those two tiny humans absolutely overwhelmed me.

It was such an odd feeling. It was an “I’d murder or be murdered to defend you kind of love. It was like I can watch you being asleep for an hour and not get bored kind of love. This was love.

You were reading Are You Dad? These Awkward Things that Happen to Every Dad.

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