The Automobile and How You Drive Tells Much About You – Psychology

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This is kinda important to know because we’re all more vulnerable to advertising than we’d like to acknowledge.

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Psychology says, anything we have or we do even the way we do express about our personality. Even the car you drive and how you drive shows much about you. Moreover, people can judge what you think and how you think. That’s true even for people who intentionally choose to not drive an ostentatious or expensive vehicle.

The Automobile and How You Drive Tells Much About You – Psychology

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Almost everyone drives. Even if you don’t need a car for your daily travel, chances are you rely on one for everyday jobs or just going away on the weekends. Whether we think about it or not but our choice of Automobile tells others a lot about who we are in factually, according to psychologist in an interview with

Vehicles, he states, are movable, customizable rooms that we can take with us wherever we go. They’re an alternative for who we are. Women flock to the newer Fiat and Mini models because they’re concurrently “cute” and luxurious, despite not being particularly great cars. Contrast the advertising crusade for the Fiat 500 with that of the new Ford F150 and they’re clearly intended at people with very dissimilar self-images.

The offender for this kind of Planned Obsolescence was the arrival of leasing. Leases made lavishness cars more reasonable to more community, but that also meant makers made less money off of them. To recompense, new developments expediently coincide with lease conditions, heartening consumers to abandon their old model for a new Automobile.

He also oblique that the new hybrid you’re seeing, regardless of projecting the image of being environmentally mindful, might have the conflicting effect.

Want to be actually environment friendly? Get yourself an old churn that’s 15-20 years aged and drive it until the wheels fall off. The maintenance will be cheaper, and the greenhouse gas release will pale in contrast to the costs associated with transporting a new vehicle into the world.

Big To Know: If new car consumption is so expensive, why is the government is eco friendly and so worried with emissions?

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