Amazing and Affordable Minimal Men Watch Brands

Amazing and Affordable Minimal Men Watch Brands

Watch buying can be a job. Unlike clothing, we generally have to spend a bit more to secure a supreme quality piece that’ll last and that’s where the mystery lies.

Keeping your timepiece plain and stripped-back lets for utmost adaptability and fortunately, there’s a rush of brands on the present market , from affordable to luxury that specialize in no-frills and stylish timepieces that will hastily become your daily go-to.


Although most renowned for watches… Skagen operates an umbrella company devoted to a menagerie of circumspect products and surprisingly they’re from Denmark where practical simplicity reigns ultimate.

Now based in the USA under the Fossil Group this brand’s origin ideals are still ever present in every design produced.


Ancher line from Skagen is available at £118

Shore Projects

Available in at just £135 with the facility to alter the strap yourself to suit the event, season or your frame of mind, it also represents big value for money.

Watches from Project 2 are available in £135


Daniel Wellington

Named after the archetypal British gent… Filip Tysander launched Daniel Wellington in a tender to popularize a exclusive idea, pairing weathered NATO straps with hyper-modern timepieces. Afterwards, the brand has quickly become a go-to for style-conscious guys, chiefly those that like to dress in a smart and preppy fashion.

Daniel Wellington leather strap watches can be shopped in £179 each.


Larsson & Jennings

Inspired by the label’s home places of London and Stockholm, Larsson & Jennings produces modern timepieces that fuse a classic British artistic with Swedish minimalistic design.

Larsson & Jennings Kulor watches can be bought in £205 each.



Uniform Wares

While well-built branding is often considered a benefit, Uniform Wares built their stellar status by avoiding such a mantra.

Scratch-less sapphire glass with antireflective covering and a Swiss-made M40 gives great value for money at £380.



Germany is well-known for its skilful making and Junghans is a label partly accountable for this image. Every watch is designed with classic craftsmanship in wits without trying too tough.

The Junghans x Max Bill is available in £475.


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Amazing and Affordable Minimal Men Watch Brands


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