Top 9 All Time Hit Movie Trilogies You will remember

The Hobbit trilogy has been completed its cycle successfully with the release of The Battle of the Five Armies. Well… and this is fine. The battles are impressive, the deaths copiousness and the ending neat but as a trilogy this is undernourished with adequate story for either one very lengthy film or two of medium length. This is 4 hours movie eked out over about nine.

Top 9 All Time Hit Movies Trilogies You will remember

Making a agreeable collection of 3 films is something very few series achieve because it needs outstanding story control, characters you’ll be concerned about over many hours and numerous years, plus a director/writer’s aptitude to tie everything together without necessarily knowing the finishing of part III when they’re making the beginning of part-1. After complete analysis these are Top 9 All Time Hit Movie Trilogies You will remember.

Back to the Future Trilogy

The first in the travel time series can’t be improved anymore. The director had fun with so perfectly cast as the complicated plot seems to be the simplest thing in the world. This is total joy. The second part is fun as a perspective on what the future might be – the fact that it is set in 2015 means that we now know that the future is almost 100% wrong – and as an idiot break even if it has a real shock when it moves tonal uncomfortable in the dystopia in its second half. The third part is a fun western that feels very vaguely linked to the previous two. It does not take all that together and complete saga, but it’s always fun and not too succumbs to the typical rule of the trilogy to get darker with each entry as if the darkness is somehow as well as resourcefulness.



The Godfather

It is a mark of how much the first two films is that even with the flange, ungrateful third installment is still one of the best trilogies; work on an average per entry amazing equation. It has full tree of Corleone family, while two down to its roots rotted while stretching its branches below. The third part does not feel of a room with others. It seems in search of an ending to the story of Michael Corleone, rather than driven by a need to finish a story and it’s never what it finds an interesting degree. This is one of the great shames of movie that were never made because it adds nothing and detracts so much.



The Dark Knight Trilogy

There are those who really hate the final part of the series in the Christopher Nolan Batman universe. This is fine, I just cannot agree with them. The Nolan Batman approach is the only superhero trilogy that has fully documented the career arc of a costumed crime fighter – the birth of Batman Begins and the poisoned chalice of success in The Dark Knight and realities aging and then passing on the mantle in The Dark Knight Rises – and feels like a story contained no possibility of a 4th, which is expected to be a trilogy. It has also become the Playbook for most superhero films, because for good or bad, shows how he earned the right.



Bourne Trilogy

The Bourne Trilogy is also one of Top 9 All Time Hit Movie Trilogies You will remember.

Despite the existence of The Bourne Legacy we can consider the three films Matt Damon Bourne trilogy to be their own they tell a complete story. Legacy is a spin-off and a terrible one. Poor old Doug Liman is forgotten in the Bourne story, but it was he who created the atmosphere that Paul Greengrass built. He made the foundation for the story of a man with astonishing skills that will never understand them. Bourne travels from victim to the white man with too much information is said without any worries about whether the public will be able to follow. This is a series of intelligent blockbuster confident that tells his story without ever holding to catch his breath.



Star Wars-The Original Trilogy

Good-Great-Fine is how the Star Wars trilogy goes on. The first outstanding doesn’t hold up all that well when comparison against today’s best sci-fi snaps… the plot is approximately completely driven by luck but yeah, it will always be the father of the modern blockbuster and for that it deserves admiration and respect. The second is a very deeper film and playing with better themes. The third was OK if you like vicious teddy bears and are really big on running through woods.



The Dollars Trilogy

Does that count as a trilogy where the three main characters have different names, even if they are all played by the same man or cast, Clint Eastwood…? Some will say no, but they can create their own list. Sergio Leone created a genre, spaghetti western, with this collection of hard pieces to cook, voice-economic. The Leone camerawork and music by Ennio Morricone are always copied regularly today. You are reading Top 9 All Time Hit Movie Trilogies You will remember.



The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

You can easily forget how little people have faith in the capability of Peter Jackson to pull this off. Huge JRR Tolkien book series had for years been measured unfilmable, partly because of the scale and partly because it walks around with dithering screeds about elves songs and Tom bloody Bombadil. And Peter Jackson had never taken something so huge. What he produces is a series that was a huge sense of scale… the Middle-earth really do feel like a whole planet, but never lose sight of the same and main character when it expanded its large cast hundreds of miles. The only reason that keeps it from the top of the list is that the second installment, while faultlessly done, is very much a middle part without its own reasonable conclusion. But it’s true finicky.



Three Colours Trilogy

There are a number of movies by the same director who claim to be trilogies but Three Colors Trilogy however, consists of three completely independent films that overlap slightly, but the investigation of a theme, the three political ideals of France : freedom, egality and brotherhood. It obtained a reputation as Important and therefore to be regarded with great respect, but never in history has a film been improved by looking like a room instead of a history of the museum… so put your notebooks and stop looking over the top of your specifications. Just watch. They are simple stories about love & loss and new commencements.



The Toy Story Trilogy

Now, in a few years when Toy Story 4 is released it will not be eligible, but until fourth movie really exists and Pixar has a form to cancel the films that don’t work, it exists as a trilogy. And as such, it is perfect. The real test of the value of a trilogy is whether the individual films work in isolation. Each episode of the series Toy Story is as a classic on its own. They enrich each other but each don’t need the other installments to make a story, which is not true trilogies like The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. It is also perhaps unique in the world of trilogies in that each successive movie improves the final.


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