These Airlines Provide Free in-Flight Internet Access

This is the craziest thing that you can update your status on Twitter or Facebook while you are flying in your flight for free. In-flight internet access or Wi-Fi facility has gone from being non-existent 10 years ago back, to a greatly costly rarity five years back; to something that’s more and more anticipation from many fliers in the US and abroad.

While most airlines still consider connectivity in the air as a source of earning additional money from their travelers, a few have considered pretty the opposite approach. Some airlines offer Wi-Fi for free in the air, using it as an enticement to book with them instead. For the people, who need to work up in the air or who just want to research their destinations informing the person picking them up they’ll be arriving before time, free in-flight internet connectivity is an exact selling point.

These Airlines Provide Free in-Flight Internet Access

At this Year, only These 7 Airlines Provide Free in-Flight Internet Access on at least some of their planes. Remember following airlines, next time when you are about to have long journey through plane.



Most likely the most famous provider of free in-flight Wi-Fi to American people, JetBlue at present, provides a basic email ID and web-browsing service (Simply-Surf) for free. If you need more bandwidth to stream video fun, they charge you $9/hr to upgrade to high bandwidth. Service is being offered over the neighboring US.


Regardless of being a low cost airline company, Norwegian still provides a largely unobstructed, free in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity on most of its flights in Scandinavia and Europe. Unluckily, even if, it doesn’t yet comprise transatlantic flights or those to Southeast Asia.



Based out of Dubai city, Emirates provides full-service flights across much of the world. Travelers get a very little amount of data (10-MB) for free on most A380 and a few Boeing 777 aircrafts; with a more helpful 500MBs data is available for just $1. Service is not available above a few countries like India and China, but available along most of the company’s flight routes.


Turkish Airlines

Turkey’s nationwide flag carrier… Turkish Airlines flies to destinations around the globe, and provides free onboard Internet access or Wi-Fi if you’re flying in business class on some Boeing 777 & A330 airplane.


Air China

China’s top national airline offers free internet connectivity through Wi-Fi to all their passengers on certain flights and planes, albeit in a rather abnormal way like you can only do it through tablets and laptops. Because of government restriction on turned on phones during flights in China state, whether in flight mode or not passengers aren’t allowed to use their smart phones to connect to the Wi-Fi on Air China flights. Service is serving across the airline’s fleet of planes.


Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines offers free internet access using Wi-Fi technology to all passengers on A330 plane if you are flying between Hong Kong & London.

Nok Air

With an astonishingly competitive home airline marketplace, carriers in Thailand require to do something dissimilar to stand out and earn more traffic. Nok Air flies to 2 dozen destinations (yeah, it’s true) within the country as well as a few contiguous airports and it offers free in-flight accessible internet on all home routes.

The service commenced to serve to roll out in late 2014 and is due to be accessible on all Nok Air planes within 2 years.

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