9 Different Guys and Girls Perceptions – Interesting to know

We have gathered 9 Different Guys and Girls Perceptions that is Interesting to know what stuff girls and guys do on different situations. You would enjoy reading with damn true pictures. you may easily guess out who is awkward on earth..

9 Different Guys and Girls Perceptions – Interesting to know


The Equation

We all have a list of things to someone of the opposite sex to be met before we consider attractive or worthy of dating, but there is little difference between what a man looks at a woman and a woman who looking for in a man, would not you say?



The Jealousy factor in females

When guys are jealous, girls find it cute because he unwittingly showing the girl he cares about her and wants to be the only guy in her life. So one might think that the same is true the other way, right? WRONG! When a girl gets jealous, the guy messed up bad and must be running for the hills until this whole thing blows over.


Different Values

Most guys’ first priority in life is to get fucked, and their second life priority is to tell all their friends about it. For girls, having sex when you’re not in a relationship, you earn a reputation as a fast enough slut or a whore and sooner or later we all find us, the news spread rapidly among women!


Control on Grudges

Guys can be argued and have a falling out or even have a violent fight and if they were good friends in advance, chances are they’ll be good friends again in less than a week. If a girl argues with another girl or any type of dispute you will never see these two girls in the same room again, especially if they degenerate to the rare but beautiful stadium riding on the recovery floor!


Dreaming Different

First of all the girls tend to think about the future a lot more guys do, and I’m not talking about flying cars and hover boards here. After a few dates, the girl is probably already imagine what kind of husband and the guy would imagine a beautiful wedding and the guy is probably just excited to push the boundaries in the bedroom.


Sex Simplicity

Guys talk to their guy friends about sex, and girls talk to their daughters about sex peers. That does not mean they are saying the same thing. For guys sex is a very simple Plugging the hole scenario and they will focus more on where they did how many times they have done etc.
Girls, however, are very pleased to enter into the nitty gritty details of specific sex itself and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination and there is no problem for the guy unless you have something to fear!

Sex Simplicity


Workout feelings

If a guy does not go to the gym and eat properly, it is either going to be big or it will be one of those little and skinny guys. Anyway it will not have an impressive unless he spends a good amount of time in the gym body.
While girls who are lucky enough to be naturally curvy are generally fine as long as they do not eat three packets of Tim Tams, and a whole box or jar of Nutella every day.

Workout feelings

Wearable Sharing Issue

This sharing sense in guys is good to see another guy wearing the same clothes when they are out and about one night. Actually, they will probably shake hands and have a laugh at their great sense of mutual mode.

The girls take very personally and think that if they buy a dress, they must now be the only girl on the surface of the Earth that has to wear it so it is justified to kill the other girl at the party who stole her outfit.

Wearable Sharing Issue

Don’t mess with her

There is a straight-up difference between constantly messing things all the time, and just straight-up being a person messed up. So with that in mind, ten points to whoever can guess what sex mess things a lot and the sex that is just flat out messed up.

Don’t mess with her

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