8 tips for better Sleep for men only

Try counting sheep and it is simply not do the trick when it comes to enjoying a little shut-eye? Sometimes men and women are affected in a different way by sleep and for men, it is important to step back and understand what it takes to beat the blues bedtime. Here are 8 sleeping practices for men only.

Sex with your wife

Women would like a good cuddle sash or chat after a walk in the bag, but many times men like to doze. Why not? Sex is kinda comforting as Orgasms release endorphins and can be the key to usher in peace and quiet of easy sleep.

8 tips for better Sleep for men only

Quiet Oversleeping

Stayed up late last night and now you feel like you need to overcompensate? Do not do it man. Further addition of z during the day over your late night can really screw with your internal clock. Instead of waiting until bedtime when you’re really sleepy and get the rest your body needs.

Avoid these habits

You may have heard that going to sleep with music, television and alcohol help promote a good night’s rest, but beware. It is important to keep the bed related with sleep and sex only, which may help some before falling asleep but can also be a difficulty. Alcohol is also said to be helpful; but can have adverse effects on sleep in the long run and you do not want to become dependent.


It is one of the 8 tips for better Sleep for men only, Believe it or not worry about sleep can really affect the whole physical process, because it emphasizes the mind and body in what is so called “Insomnia”. Instead of forcing you to read or think too much, try to relax with a few deep breaths and not thinking about sleep.

Things to do in Advance

With work schedules and schools attended, the next is already in our minds when it has not even happened yet that can get stressful. Establish a small bedtime routine to prepare not only for the bed but also for next day. Pack your bags and choose your outfit for work or school. Brush up your teeth and wash your face. Then take time to relax in bed with a book and try deep breathing.

Eat Proteins

Dinner did not do it for you and your tummy rumbles before bedtime take some cheese and crackers or some combination carb / protein. Studies show that this combo can boost serotonin, a brain chemical that calms the body & mind. Try to commit one hour before bedtime.

Keep the quality up

If you’re going to splurge your hard earned money on something then bedroom is a good place to start. A comfortable mattress and pillows are essential for a good sleep and a lot of times people will keep a mattress longer than necessary (life expectancy is usually 9-10 years) without replacing it. Really do your research and find what appeals to you most when it comes to firm / soft builds. Also look out for allergens that can cause irritation and ultimately sleep deprivation. You are reading 8 tips for better Sleep for men only

Over Thinking

You cannot stop your mind from thinking while you are not asleep. Therefore, just concentrate on single point that you want to sleep or ready to sleep with closed eyes dramatically. Don’t let your mind go for another upcoming issue.


There is a disease called Narcolepsy, and its treatment is not found yet by the medical science. According to them the best solution for Narcolepsy is to have best sleeping routine and planning, above 8 tips for better Sleep for men only may take you away from this disease. For the people who don’t know about it, it is a disease in which patient suffer day sleeping attacks during work and other activities. You feel sleepy in day time, It doesn’t mean you are suffering from Narcolepsy, You can read about it in details with the help of Google.

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