8 Things every man wants in his girlfriend

If men and women are truly equal, men should stop bending over backwards in order to make the wife happy, am I right men? Relationships are more and more full partnerships after all so why should we be the only ones trying to make women happy?

We want to be happy and boys just want to have fun too, so here are 8 things that men look for in the pursuit of happiness and Ms. Perfect. Read this article & answer the question that all male volunteers, do we prefer a pretty face or a beautiful body?

 8 Things every man wants in his girlfriend

She should be Charming

Remember when Jerry Seinfeld episode came out with this gorgeous blonde who got him out of every bad situation? Well, maybe it happened because she was a girl, but I think she had such power, as it was charming. If a woman can make you smile then she has the charm to get out of any situation, and prove to be quite an ally.

The charm is what attracts men to women that are not as nice as the others in our black book. Charm is what pulls us back to women even after they burn us. Charm is the only thing that allows women to get away with murder, although charm and the next thing on the list. You are reading 8 Things every man wants in his girlfriend.

She should possess Statuesque body

We cannot admit this, but when you walk down the street with our wives, we want to show. Show what? It is their crazy curves and full figure.
You must pass medical examination to be the best you can be, and God knows that women make us pass their own physical exams so why should we be different or make an excuse about it?

A good-looking and beautiful face

A good-looking or pretty face can get away-with murder. Who wants to wake up every morning the rest of their lives next to Shamu? Although this should not be the top characteristic it is useful to recognize that you need to find a woman that will delight your eyes and excite your everything.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So do not choose someone based on what your friends say and go with whom you want to wake up. We love beautiful things and we will not apologize for that. Physical attraction may be more important than the ranking 9th and 8th, but beauty fades quickly, especially since beautiful women are a dime a dozen.

Trust with Honesty

When games are played final rounds called and booty calls over. We want someone we can confide in the most successful relationships are built on trust-sincerity & honesty. Everything else is equivalent to building a house on quicksand. Unfortunately, you know that swimming naked when the tide goes down, so be honest with your wife if you want it to be honest with you.

Receive a pat on the back when we do things is nice, but it’s even nicer to be told when we are wrong. Of course, that we are not made to feel like crap condition, which we leads to the next point…. You are reading 8 Things every man wants in his girlfriend.

Love with Respect

Another thing we want is a woman who lets us down and embarrasses us and makes us out to be fools especially in public. Dear Men, there is nothing wrong with admitting that we are too proud & sensitive to criticism but if done right. Constructive criticism of the person who knows us best can only make us better men-fathers-lovers-brothers & human beings.

Why do I say this? The next time your wife tells you something, does not cut it and put it back; listen, pay attention and remember: Actions, not words, are what matter. While we may not have Tammy Wynette standing by us in a state of oblivion but respect in society is on the praise. It helps when it’s done with humor.

She must possess good sense of humor

A partner with good sense of humor is always a great and epic spouse. It will always remain a priority for any man that we work hard & we put up with a lot so we need a woman who puts a smile on our faces when things are dark and make us laugh when things are down. Now, guys I was curious whether we like it when women make us laugh or when we make them laugh. Being able to laugh is good for our egos but get a smile on our faces is the best tonic.

Women always classify a sense of humor the character they like best in us. A woman who finds it hard to smile and be pleasant will be a thorn in the side until the day you die.

She should be Intelligent & Confident

Previous generations probably preferred a smart woman, not just book smart, but street smart. But truth be told & it will not please feminists, but again, who cares. Many men do not want a too clever woman after all as it would be too difficult to tame and control. After all, men feared that women could become unstable and make demands (oh damn …)

Today I’d like to think that we have matured a bit and now see the value of having a valuable ally as a partner. If a housewife- mother or daughter is all you need then you sell yourself short men. So go out and find someone who will teach you as much as you learn from it, imagine the power couple that you do.


Love happens in the end, I mean after all above things as there is always a reason you love someone. Love without reasons is bullshit and useless philosophy. Although there are different things that make us happy, some of them may not have been on the list, but should have been while others are just should not have been. When all is said or done & the ink has dried, the first dates turn into the honeymoon phase and the relationship develops and all men really want is love.

You were reading 8 Things every man wants in his girlfriend.

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