7 Ways to keep your Suit wrinkles free on short trips

Pay a lot of money for a well-fitting suit is definitely a good investment to keep you looking fashionable and professional for years to come. However, it is for nothing if you go to a meeting on a business trip with the tired and wrinkled suit. With restrictions on hand luggage and many, bus, taxi or train journeys that might follow, how do you keep your swimsuit looking smart when you travel? Mahir Ali the artistic director of the brand and COO at Ascots and chapels… gives us some tips on how to travel smart and reaching the intelligent search.


7 Ways to keep your Suit wrinkles free on short trips


Keep Pockets Empty

First, when packing a suit to travel is sure to remove everything in your pockets. Not only do they cause the combination of fold but they could also cause irreparable damage to the combination during your trip. A forgotten pen might leak or a set of keys could rip or tear the seams. You are reading 7 Ways to keep your Suit wrinkles free on short trips

Fold it Inside Out

A typical trip to keep your suit jacket to be increased while traveling is to bend backwards. It protects the outer fabric from damage and reduces how it will get wrinkled. When it comes to pants folding, the trick is to fold them in half lengthwise, then in half again. This will preserve the appearance and pressed own fold along the length. Since pants are weaker than your jacket, they are more likely to fold when you travel then make sure to hang them up as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Hang your Suit on wooden Hanger

The same goes for your jacket when you arrive at your hotel or wherever you are staying, put it up on a coat hanger solid. This will help prevent further wrinkles while simultaneously allowing some wrinkles inevitable trip to soften. Hang the jacket out of the closet to make it a little air and did not smell the airport or your suitcase. Be sure to hang the suit on a good solid arch, preferably wood. If your room has only flimsy wire or plastic hangers it is certainly useful to contact the concierge to see if they have any others.

Quick Steam to remove wrinkles

While you get things the concierge ask them if they offer a free steaming or pressing service. If you have enough time before your meeting a quick steam blast out those wrinkles and lingering odors on your travels give your costume a crisper & sharper. If your hotel does not provide a vapor or a laundry ask to borrow a steam iron and ironing board to blow up these wrinkles.

Have Additional Pair of Trousers

It is best from 7 Ways to keep your Suit wrinkles free on short trips, If you have space in your luggage and will be traveling for several days, then you should definitely take an extra pair of pants that fit your jacket. Unlike your jacket that does not come in direct contact with the skin, and is removed regularly throughout the day, your pants can be increased and dirty much faster.

Use Lint Brush

You spent so much money on your Ascots & Chapels measure on beautiful dress you can pay a few extra bucks for a lint brush. The clothes tend to collect lint when they are packed and quick once-over with a lint brush can bring your swimming back to life in minutes. They are cheap and clothes brushes travel is easy to carry with you while traveling.

Travel Bag for your Suit

If you travel on a regular basis for work then this is a good investment and an easy win. It eliminates most of the problems that we have covered in one simple step. No need to look good hangers, steam iron or clothes brushes when you arrive. Just unzip the file and you are dressed to impress. You were reading 7 Ways to keep your Suit wrinkles free on short trips.

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