7 reasons Why You should avoid late sitting at work

7 Reasons Why You should avoid late sitting at work

It is the day to go home on Time

IF you do not plan to do it today, you never will. The initiative of the Australia Institute is in its sixth year and encourages 11.6 million Australian workers to think about the extra time they put in Man.

How to manage this highly problematic task you? The Institute has published some tips to make it easier and even implement regularly.

  • Decide when you will go home before leaving for work.
    • Identify early tasks that could prevent you from coming home on time and speak with a manager about expectations.
    • Take a lunch break to clear his head, because it can increase productivity.
    • Plan activities for after work, like meeting a friend at the gym or take the kids to the park.
    • Make a commitment to go home an hour once a week or once a month, to be part of a routine.


Your family and friends (and maybe an office mate) will be thankful

Away from the laptop, either for a break or take your kids to the park can help changes the structure of your day and bring a balance so many Australians are lacking. In 2013, Australia ranked ninth among OECD countries with average work week for full-time 42.8 hours.

30% of men are most affected by working over 50 hours per week, a massive two and a half hours more per day on what is required. The Fair Work Act 2009 provides for a maximum duration of work must be 38 hours, then we should all relax a bit and go to the beach with family or friends.

Hotfoot it when out of the office, it might even encourage someone else to work from before.

So you do not have to go shopping in your lunch break

The balance between work and life is having the time out of your workday to have a fulfilling life, including relaxing and taking time to spend with family. If you use the post office and missing medical appointments because of work, it may be time to reevaluate your balance.

Better Life Index found Australians ruin 14.4 hours on leisure time and personal care such as eating and sleeping. The average of OECD countries is 15 hours and we still have some way to go to pick up speed with the lifestyle of the nap of the Spanish people, who like to frolic around 16.1 hours.

It is not out of reach if the extra time you spend choking rush hour can be used for more productive tasks, like going to the pub. To Sustain Life or Work is as much work as this spreadsheet, so do not even thinking about starting a walk to the bank as leisure time.

After all, Time is Money

By giving your time employer for free… you are giving over cash. The average worker donated $ 9.471 in unpaid overtime to their employers each year, adding to $ 109.8 billion in the labor market, according to a recent study by the Australia Institute.

This contribution donated all Australians added to 1.13 million hours or 2.1 billion per week. That’s nearly $ 110 billion per year. Know your worth; go out the door on time. You are reading 7 reasons Why You should avoid late sitting at work.

You are allowed to do this

According to The Fair Work Act 2009, an Australian employee has the right to request flexible working from their employer, and what should be considered reasonable.

Dr. Dino Pisaniello, School of Population Health at the University of Adelaide, told ABC workers should seek flexible schedules.

Workers legislation may require more flexible working conditions – which certainly contribute but it is a question of whether the employer must then accept that. He said, Women and men should take the opportunity to ask such questions.

In the report of the Institute, it was found that the majority of requests for flexible working hours were granted, 17% and 12% partially granted has decreased. Work around your life and sleep schedule is an option – not just when you’re a new mom – asks your boss about the position of the company.

If you Know, It’s getting worse

Do you really want to be a week working 50 hours for the rest of your life….? In the survey of the Institute; 4.6 million Australian workers admitted their work / life balance has worsened over the past four years. It’s time to change the trend. Turn off your phone and put your feet up and relax.


You must have ownership of your own life

Unpaid overtime is often a choice you make. It can make you look like a team player, a kind colleague or employee global stars but if overtime is not successful in the promotion department, it’s time to take your life back.

In a shocking statistic, an overwhelming majority (77%) of Australians believe employers have the power in the negotiation of work / life balance of their employees. Stop the blame game and reduce your work hours. Productivity is not spending hours at work as the most good and productive workers are generally those who take long breaks… enjoy free time and do not have a crazy ride to work.


It’s surely bad for your health

A study by researchers at Harvard in February on about 90000 women who were found sitting all day can lead to an increased risk of heart disease – cancer & stroke. A recent Australian study by the University of Sydney found sitting all day can increase the risk of death of a person at a time.

Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis, who participated in the study, urged workers to replace hours sitting or standing with business hours. Replacing sitting to walking and other moderate to vigorous physical activity has led to a much greater reduction in the risk of death by 12-14% per hour of sitting replacement. He described.
It’s this or a slow death. If this does not allow you to run to the gate Wednesday, nothing will.


If you are still at work converting white paper in blue with your head down, then you deserve this



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