6 steps to earn income from Blogging

They say that everything seems tough in start or it is always risky to take initiative, but when it comes to the blogging the scene is totally opposite. Blogging is very easy to start; you don’t even have to put yourself in any risk. Buying a domain is very cheap as compared to buying a Pizza Hut deal. Therefore, this article is not to tell you how to set up a blog as it is very easy and you can find a lot of material on other sites regarding starting a blog. This post is to reveal a secret to you that how to become a successful blogger. There are many bloggers out there but only some of them are successful blogger. People who have started blogging and they didn’t even earn a single dollar for months are at right place now. They don’t need to worry about their clumsy domain names, having a keyword friendly domain name is just a story you can tell your baby when he is not sleeping at night, nothing else. There are many people who have used their own names as a domain name and they are earning thousands of dollars weekly. A normal theme is also fair enough, don’t worry if you didn’t use a superb theme. You just need to remember following 6 easy steps to become a successful blogger.


6 steps to earn income from Blogging


Quality Posts

Google is not a human, but the people who are running it are wise enough to note the material you post, therefore, forget about the copy paste thing from other sites. Your efficient domain names or elegant themes won’t work if you forget about providing quality posts. Write what others didn’t write yet, or write what reader didn’t think about it before.



Consistency is number one fact to remember if you are a blogger. Blog is not like a physical product that you can sell in the market and get some cash instantly. You should start blogging with your own interest because when you are interested in something you won’t stop doing it easily. No doubt, earning money is super interest for everyone and one can get frustrated when there is not money with blogging. Therefore, you should do some temporary small jobs to kill that frustration and don’t expect money in start from blogging but keep updating your blog consistently. Your blog should not be like your that friend to whom you meet once in a week, it should be like your best friend to whom you like to meet again and again in a day. Update your blog two or three times daily and stick to this routine.


Have writing material

The Ideas don’t come daily, so you can’t update your blog with amazing posts on daily bases. You need to have some backup writing material in a hard form like a book. You can also visit other sites or have some major sites in your bookmarks that are relevant to your blog content.


Help readers

You must not post anything that doesn’t add any value to people’s lives. Keep in mind, the content of your blog must increase readers’ income or knowledge at-least. Here’s a very simple logic, help other to earn their income if you want to earn income for yourself.


Socialize Your every post

Remember, the posts on your blog are not for yourself, they are for others to read so whatever you post on your blog don’t forget to tell the world about it. Keep socializing your every new post so maximum readers could reach. Famous social sites are best options for doing so. You are good with having a fan page on Facebook with your blog name.


Go with the trend

Whatever you are posting on your site it must be in trend. Don’t post what was in the trend 5 years ago, post what people are searching for. You can find trends that are relevant to your content over the web. To find trend, scroll relevant websites and look for ‘Popular Posts’. You should also know how to relate your blog content according to the trend.

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