Mysterious Things About Human Body That Science Can’t Explain

6 Mysterious Things About Human Body That Science Can’t Explain

Science is all about learning the truth, unveiling the mysteries and finding the logic that may initially seem to be absent. Most of us think that science has the explanation for all the processes that occur around us. This surprisingly is NOT TRUE. Because there are still various things happening around us for which science don’t provide a satisfactory explanation. Though these things are mysteries at the moment but they may not remain a mystery in the coming future.

This article will walk you through 6 Mysterious Things about Human Body that Science Can’t Explain yet:

Hypnic Jerk Response

hypnic jerk

Have you ever felt a sudden jerk in your body while sitting in a classroom, office or in a meeting? Scientist call it a Hypnic jerk, the behavior that is commonly accompanied with increase heartbeat and a rapid breathing.

Up till now, Hypnic jerk remains a mystery since scientist have different theories regarding behavior. Those who believe in Darwin’s theory of Evolution says that this is the inherited behavior from our ancestors who used to sleep on trees. Other consider it to be a natural transition of our body from sleep to alertness. The abrupt reflexing of our muscles during this process causes this sudden jerk.

Sun Sneezing

sun sneeze

You might have seen a person who starts to sneeze suddenly when he moves from darkness to bright sunlight. This behavior, referred to as Sun sneezing, is yet another mystery among the experts.

For some, this is most likely a genetic issue while others give an explanation that closeness of optic nerve and trigerninal nerve in humans is the actual cause of Sun Sneeze. As the person moves from the darkness to bright light, the optic nerve sends intense signals to the brain. Some part of this signal is also picked up by trigerninal nerve that gives a feeling of some irritating in the nose and hence triggers sneezing.

The Placebo Effect

placebo effect

Many a time we underestimate the power of our brain. Our brain and our positive thinking can play a vital role in solving many of our problems. The Placebo Effect is one of the ways in which positivity plays a role in curing the patients of diseases.  According to experts if a person is clear in his mind that a certain type of treatment is going to cure him of a given disease then the chance of him being cured of that disease increases even if he is given the wrong medicine.

The Placebo Effect technique can be a useful tool for treating patients of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. Up till now, we are not 100 percent sure about the reasons for such behaviors.

Contagious Yawning


Why do we Yawn or what is the cause of yawning? According to some, we yawn when our oxygen level is low so to compensate we open our mouth to take a huge bulk air inside. Some scientist claim that when our body is tired then it gives a signal indicating that it is tired and need rest. Other say that Yawning helps the overheated brain to cool down a bit. Again the actual reason of yawning is still not clear.

Just like the reason and cause of yawning is not known up till now, similarly, the fact that why yawning is contagious is also mysterious up till now. For some, it is due to Empathy and for others, it is due to the due to Evolution.



Sleeping is a constant part of our lifestyle. We need sleep to keep ourselves fresh for the next day. It is a complex process and a minute part of this process is dreaming. Why do we dream? What actually happens when we run a Ferrari Race in Our Dream? Why do some dreams seem to be so long and others are so short? Some remains a permanent part of our memories and others just erase out on our wake up from sleep?  All these questions are yet to be fully answered.



Happiness is necessary for a healthy life. When we are happy we express it either by passing a normal smile or a laughter. But why do we laugh? The biological mechanism of laughter is influenced by various surrounding factors. Sometimes we laugh to express our emotion while other times we laugh to punctuate a conversation.  The exact explanation of this behavior still remains debatable among scientists.

We conclude by saying that the fact that science can’t explain everything that happens around us is good because had everything is answered properly then scientist might lose their jobs since there would be no other things to do research on.  So Mystery is Blessing.

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