Health Benefits of Morning Sex With Your Wife

Some people might be hesitant about morning sex and avoid, getting their morning buzz from a cup of coffee instead. Morning sex might make you a little apprehensive, because of bad breath or the feelings you usually have before you get playful with your wife. No one’s at their most glamorous but that’s part of what makes it so incredible. It has useful health benefits and is guaranteed to start your day with positive feelings.

Health Benefits of Morning Sex With Your Wife

  • You are fully recharged with efficient hours of sleep and you’re well refreshed too. Men also naturally have morning wood and it is also statistically proven fact that they perform better in the A.M hours. Doing it in the morning is damn better than a tired and flailing attempts after working 8 hours at office. It gives you radiant feelings for the entire day and a justification to go makeup-free. The great boosting special effects make sure that your skin so much softer with shiny and glowing hair that makes you look naturally healthy all over.
  • It also has health benefits that your cup of Nescafe can’t stand up to. This enhances your immune system keeping your hormones in balance. It also covers you from heart attacks and can kill your chronic pain.
  • It makes your mood positive and. Better that automatically makes your whole day winning and better. No need to explain how a better mood can benefit to you. It’s because of morning sex that produced dopamine and serotonin what made you cool. This is valuable to your relationship, you guys fight less with positive feeling around. And the biggest advantage of having positive feeling is living stress free.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal than lunch and dinner but most of the men skip it because they are not hungry in the morning.  Morning sex boosts up your stomach performance that will automatically increase your appetite. So you find your even normal breakfast as hearty and delicious after having a morning romp. It would be like eating pancakes off each other’s bodies.


  • This is the only time when a quickie doesn’t seem violent, your woman wants long hours of sex and only this time you can easily give hours. Because, for you, it’s tiring and painful in the night because of tiredness of whole day.
  • Morning has its own kind of dreamy and romantic sunlight that turns on your romantic part instead of being just lusty man.
  • You had a bad day, of course you are not gonna perform and enjoy your sex. Therefore, skip it and sleep to stop your mind thinking of anything and to stay away from stress. Wake up in the morning fresh and neutral. You are good to go now.
  • You can be lazy and indolent in your moves as no one is gonna notice your non-acrobatic positions as you have just woken up.
  • You don’t need to do your 8am morning exercises to burn calories. You already have cardio to burn over a hundred calories.
  • You guys are already almost naked and in bed together like everything is easier. You feel way more subtle and sensitive than after a day of working when you’re exhausted and come home, your skin is prickly from rested cells and every neck kiss feels that much more quick-tempered because you both just woke up.

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